Sonu Gupta

General Manager – Finance, Pure Ice Cream Company LLC & Group Companies (UAE, UK)

Sonu Gupta, currently the Finance Manager at Pure Ice Cream Company LLC and Group Companies across the UAE and UK, has spent 20 years with the Graviss Group. A qualified Chartered Accountant since 2001, Sonu’s career has spanned over two decades with different stints in the Group.

Having joined Graviss in the year 2000, he has worked at the Graviss Holding Pvt Ltd corporate office, at the Intercontinental Hotel, at Baskin Robbins, at Pure Ice Cream Company LLC as the Finance Controller, and Finance Manager, IT, and Procurement Head. Since 2010, he is based in the UAE, working as Finance Manager, handling procurement, IT, and finance at Pure Ice Cream LLC.

Sonu was awarded the ‘Best Manager’ award at Pure Ice Cream Company LLC.. He feels driven by different projects, and outside the workplace, prefers to shift his focus to his family and films.

Sonu Gupta

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