Mazhar Ali

Vice President – Sales, Marketing & Supply Chain, Pure Ice Cream Company LLC

Mazhar joined the Group over 10 years ago. In 2010, he joined as Country Manager for Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Over the next few years, he quickly progressed through the ranks to become the General Manager- Sales at Pure Ice Cream Company.

Mazhar Ali is the General Manager- Sales at Pure Ice Cream Company LLC, where he drives product launches and promotions, distribution and re-distributor management, and trade marketing. He also looks after team management, channel development and fund management.

Before joining Graviss, he worked at Unilever in Oman. Over his 31 years in the industry, he has been awarded the ‘Best Individual Performer in the Group’ by Graviss in 2013, the ‘Excellence Award for efforts to launch EDGE in Oman across redistributor teams’ by Unilever, the ‘Silver Award of Vitality’ by Unilever, amongst others.

He has a BA degree in Economics. He is driven the most by achieving his set goals, and he also likes to share his knowledge and train people to enhance their capabilities.

Mazhar Ali

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