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Ghai Enterprises, founded by I.K. Ghai in 1939,
was re-branded as the Graviss Group in 2001.

It is a professionally managed global conglomerate with traditional values of the 70-year-old family business. Graviss Group directly employs over 2000 people across several regions of operations, and includes the ownership and management of the boutique hotel – InterContinental Marine Drive in Mumbai, Mayfair Banquets and Catering services, India’s largest ice-cream store chain – Baskin Robbins, the recently launched The Brooklyn Creamery – an extremely delicious lower-calorie ice cream brand with only 75 calories per cup, Kwality Ice cream – the leading ice cream brand of the Middle East, Kwality Foods – which offers customers traditional Indian packaged foods such as paneer, frozen vegetables, rice and more, Zaffran – a chain of modern Indian family dining restaurants in India, and other sub-brands.


Iqbal Krishan Ghai

Founder of Graviss Group

The ‘Maharajah of Ice Cream’ is a befitting title for our Founder, Iqbal Krishan Ghai. He started out with a small eatery in Connaught Place, New Delh, churning out homemade ice cream for American troops during World War II.
Soon after, he went on to create Kwality Ice Cream, a brand that practically weaned India’s fledgling nation on chocobars, mango duets and cassatas.

Apart from building the country’s favourite brand of ice cream, this feisty entrepreneur also started Gaylord and Kwality restaurants, the first Indian restaurant chain to bring the silver and damask of fine dining to the tables of New India. It was founded on a personal vision of hospitality that encompassed family, friends and employees from London, New York, San Francisco and Chicago to Hong Kong, Kobe, Sharjah and Jeddah.

In 1955, the legendary pioneer purchased the Bombay Club for former British residents. He converted it into the iconic Nataraj Hotel that now stands as the InterContinental, a luxury boutique hotel on Mumbai’s equally iconic Marine Drive.

Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hotel Federation of India, Iqbal Ghai is acknowledged by BBC as one of the seven foremost self-made people in the world.

To create a global business that brings a taste of India to international consumers, and offers international products and services to the consumers in India.

Quality, Passion, Innovation and pride in our ‘Indianness’ can be observed in all that we do.

We treat every interaction we have with our customers, our communities and our colleagues around the world with the highest level of honesty and respect. We are guided by, and are committed to these values, based on our Founder’s dedication to people and their well-being.

To enrich and delight our guests and customers with experiences and products, which bring happiness and prosperity to the communities we serve.


    • 1939
      Iqbal Kishan Ghai founded Ghai Enterprises
      and opened the first ever Kwality restaurant in
      Connaught Place, New Delhi

    • 1942
      Mr. IK Ghai began making ice cream on the rooftop of the Kwality restaurant using a simple batch freezer. He would then sell these in the restaurant, as well as travel on a cycle to sell his products door to door.

    • 1952
      Ghai Enterprises started the first ever Kwality
      ice cream factory in Worli, Mumbai.

    • 1960
      Mr. IK Ghai Purchased the Bombay Club on
      Marine Drive and transformed it into the Natraj

    • 1978
      The first ever ice cream factory was founded
      by Ghai Enterprises in the Middle East, in
      Sharjah, UAE.

    • Between 1978-1989
      10 additional factories were founded across
      India and the Middle East by Ghai Enterprises.

    • 1993
      Ghai Enterprises pioneered the premium ice
      cream segment through the Yankee Doodle
      parlor brand and a joint venture with Baskin

    • 1994

      A joint venture between Ghai Enterprises and Rich Product Corporation was formed, to pioneer the non dairy cream market in India.

      After a 26-year fruitful history, Ghai Enterprises
      parted with its 50% stake in the venture in 2020.

    • 1996

      Ghai Enterprises parted with the India business of Kwality ice creams to Hindustan Unilever (HUL).

    • 2001

      Ghai Enterprises, founded by I.K. Ghai in 1939, was rebranded as the Graviss Group.

    • 2003

      Graviss Group formed a joint venture to create the InterContinental Marine Drive hotel.

    • 2011

      Graviss Group launched Kwality Frozen Foods.

    • 2018

      Graviss Group opened the Mansion House in Alibaug, India.

    • 2020

      Graviss Group launched The Brooklyn Creamery in 7 countries including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

    • 2021

      Graviss Group inaugarated an Ice Cream plant in Manchester, UK.

    • 2022

      Graviss Group inaugarated an Ice Cream plant in Shirwal, India.

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