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Mansion House

The Mansion House is a contemporary boutique Resort tucked away in a quaint village of Alibaug, overlooking the serene Sasawane Lake. The Mansion House, just a 5 min drive from the jetty, is the perfect spot for bespoke events and moments of celebrations.

The Mansion House has been designed to give you the best of both worlds. Here you get the luxurious appeal of a resort, as well as the intimate, cozy feel of a home.
Enjoy our luxurious amenities including a tropical poolside, manicured gardens, spacious rooms, compact studio gym and more!

Our team of Chefs will cater to your every need with bespoke menus across multiple cuisines. Our in-house Decor Specialist will give the space a customised touch to reflect the theme of your celebration and our in-house Activities Team will make sure there’s never a dull moment with customised itineraries to help make your trip as memorable as possible.

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