Iqbal Krishan Ghai

The Maharajah of Ice Cream is a befitting title for our Founder, Iqbal Krishan Ghai. He started out with a small eatery in Connaught Place, New Delhi, churning out homemade ice cream for American troops during World War II. And went on to create Kwality, a brand that practically weaned India's fledgling nation on chocobars, mango duets and cassatas.

Apart from building the country's favourite brand of ice cream, this feisty entrepreneur also started Gaylord and Kwality restaurants, the first Indian restaurant chain to bring the silver and damask of fine dining to the tables of New India. It was founded on a personal vision of hospitality that encompassed family, friends and employees across the globe, from London, New York, San Francisco and Chicago to Hong Kong, Kobe, Sharjah and Jeddah.

In 1955, the legendary pioneer purchased the Bombay Club for former British residents. He converted it into the iconic Nataraj Hotel that now stands as the InterContinental, a luxury boutique hotel on Mumbai's equally iconic Marine Drive.

Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hotel Federation of India, Iqbal Ghai is acknowledged by BBC as one of the seven foremost self made people in the world.